One of our main goals at HeyHashi is to build a community so no one ever has to feel like they are suffering alone.

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Our online and in-person events, monthly phone Meetups, Facebook group, and e-newsletter create points of connection between experts in the field of healing Hashimoto’s and people looking for answers. Participating in one or more of these communities lets you:

  • Learn from other people’s successful experiences
  • Discover treatment approaches and information you may not know about
  • Be empowered by asking for and receiving support
  • Share your personal story and read stories shared by others
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We can learn so much from one another! By sharing your story with our community, you will inspire others and empower hundreds or even thousands of people to begin taking charge of their own wellness.

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Our events allow people from all over the globe to connect with the worldwide Hashimoto’s community as well as experts they would not have access to otherwise. In this way, we are removing the barriers to healing that many of us encounter on our journeys.

Online Summits

Past events include:

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Monthly Phone Meetups

We meet once a month and invite keynote speakers and experts in the field of healing Hashimoto’s disease.

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We feature both patients and practitioners in our events to provide a comprehensive picture of Hashimoto’s and how it affects those with the autoimmune disease.

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