Madeline’s Story: ‘I am so excited to be able to do something positive for my health’

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I am a 67 year old female who started having thyroid issues 10 years ago. Heredity (a mother with severe hypothyroid, full destruction, and life time meds) and occupational hazards (40 years playing in fluoride and radiation as a dental hygienist) both played a role.

Blood draw results showed TSH 150 after I was diagnosed with Granuloma Anulare 6 months before. I brought results to a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and he told me that my thyroid had died and that I would need thyroid medication for a lifetime.

I insisted on Armour, but he didn’t even know how to write the script! From the first day on thyroid medication, I was sick to my stomach, and at times I could not even be in a room where food was cooking because the smell was so strong. Both my nurse and the doctor said I would get use to it!

Over the years I went from 30 mg to 180 mg, and I finally became zombie-like. I was not eating or sleeping at all. So I stopped all medications for two years… and that’s when I became very ill. My TSH was up to 90.

That’s when I found an alternative doctor who specialized in low thyroid. He diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s and got me off gluten, which was good. But I had seven increases in pure T3 and T4 (both AM and PM doses) over 18 months and began feeling lousy again.

There wasn’t a health care practitioner within 200 miles and my resources for medical care were pretty limited but I was doing the best I could. At the same time, I had this feeling that there was something I was missing, and that’s when I found Dr. Kharrazian’s book. His book seemed like it was written just for me! I almost jumped out of my skin reading it. It put all the pieces together! So I started on the regimen and after 8 weeks I came off my PM meds, didn’t fall asleep all the time, and had an appetite.

These days I am so excited to be able to do something positive for my health. Thank you for thinking outside the box, HeyHashi!