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Wrapping Up the Healing Hashimoto’s Summit

By August 19, 2016 No Comments

The summit is over but the healing continues!

Recently we wrapped up Healing Hashimoto’s, the first ever non-profit summit exploring the many factors that play a role in how Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis affects the lives of those who struggle with the disease.
The initial response was amazing but not unexpected thanks to a lineup of speakers like Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Amy Myers, Alan Christianson, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (the Paleo Mom), Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, along with many other top experts. And ultimately over 45,000 people registered to attend this support and education event created by patients for patients.
If you were able to join us, then you know that the information shared by our speakers wasn’t just about wellness strategies. Part of our mission has always been to introduce people to the idea that living a symptom-free life is possible, and summit attendees received innovative information about healing, encouragement and support, and unprecedented access to specialists dedicated to helping Hashimoto’s sufferers achieve remission.
(If you were unable to attend, we wanted to let you know that the full summit is available for download here.)
Perhaps the most important impact the summit had, however, was that it helped so many people all over the world see they aren’t alone in what they are experiencing.
If Hashimoto’s has been part of your life’s journey, then you know how powerful actually seeing that you’re a part of a larger community can be. We believe that no one should suffer alone, of course, but we also believe in the potent healing power of community.
The summit might be over but the community is still here. Hashimoto’s Awareness is available to offer direct support but our goal is also to facilitate connections, whether that means connecting people with information via our website, introducing them to new medical and wellness professionals, or helping them get and share answers on social media.
Our hope is that moving forward you’ll join us in our efforts by supporting our mission, volunteering with us, or helping us share the wealth of information out there. Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you and about how you’d like to help!