Our Mission

HeyHashi raises awareness of the auto-immune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, connecting people to proper testing for early diagnosis through education, advocacy and advancing research. We inspire people to live a symptom-free life.

HeyHashi Initiatives

We support the patient and their families/communities by creating educational opportunities through in person and online events. Our education initiatives include:

We support the Hashimoto’s patient by being the shortcut connecting to the best resources for their health. As part of our advocacy efforts, we:

  • Maintain strong relationships and connections to experts in the field
  • Attend conferences by the top practitioners and leaders in the world of autoimmunity
  • Share what we learn via our website and a monthly e-newsletter that contains the most current and effective health and wellness knowledge to empower the Hashimoto’s Patient
  • Facilitate communication in an active community of Hashimoto’s patients and practitioners
We support the patient and the practitioners by investing in those who are invested in finding a cure for Hashimoto’s Disease. As part of these efforts, we aim to:

  • Fund future auto-immune research
  • Fund future thyroid and thyroid disorder research

Support HeyHashi

Help us find a cure to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis while supporting those currently struggling with the disease. Your donation supports HeyHashi initiatives and funds autoimmune research. Donate Today