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Which Diet Is Best for Healing Hashimoto’s Disease?

By October 4, 2016 No Comments

There is no one-size-fits all diet approach for Hashimoto’s—some patients feel great just going gluten free, others do well without gluten and dairy, and others do better on an autoimmune or Paleo style diet. The best way to find out what diet is best for you is to do a thorough elimination diet to find out if any food allergies or sensitivities are contributing to symptoms.

That being said, the best place for anyone who is newly diagnosed to start is with a gluten-free approach. Anyone with autoimmune disease should avoid gluten for life, and this is a necessary first step. Here are three great resources that can help you keep going as you work to remove gluten from your diet:

Gluten Free School

This website has everything you need to begin living gluten-free including menus and recipes, inspiration, community, and everyday tips designed to be easy to follow. Worried about going gluten-free because there’s nothing to eat? It’s time to rethink gluten-free eating!

The Myers Way Recipes

Did you know that Dr. Amy Myers has an entire section of her website dedicated to healthy, delicious, wellness-boosting recipes for anyone coping with thyroid issues? You can search by diet type (e.g., gluten-free) and by recipe type so it’s easy to find gluten-free recipes for thyroid health.

Autoimmune Paleo

Founded by two women with five autoimmune diseases between them, this resource is a growing collection of books, recipes, podcasts, protocols, articles, and more that can help anyone coping with Hashimoto’s achieve wellness through strategies that include gluten-free living or other protocols.

Grazed and Enthused

Eating for wellness isn’t about restriction but rather about enjoyment at this site, which is full of recipes, recipes, and more recipes created to be as delicious as they are conscious that diet can be a powerful healing factor.